New Extreme Category WR!

I like Godzilla - a Gargantuan Monster who destroys all. Can`t wait to see the new film, later on this year. Anyway. So at the modded nats, we are testing Darrol Ellis Edge sound system. 6x 15" Edge subwoofers 6x Edge 10k amps!! That`s a possible 60krms of power if running at 1ohm. The system is also in the brand new "EXTREME" class of (((pd))) competition. And just like the movie monster [...] Read more

Modified Nationals Here We Come!

Modified Nationals Here We Come!

(((pd))) - dB contest- EMMA SPL Yes! At this years modified Nationals. The UK`s most popular SPL formats will all be together under one gigantic roof! If you love bass then this will be one sound off that you will not want to miss. With the largest collection of frighteningly loud Bass vehicles and super neat Show quality Audio cars in attendance, you`ll find it all a very cool experience and [...] Read more

Welcome to Hi-Tech Cars!

Wow! We have yet another sponsor. (((pd))) Welcome our newest sponsor. Hi-Tech Cars. This enthusiastic car audio company is bassed in Hertfordshire. They can supply, design - build / install car audio systems / alarms / security products and they also do car upholstery. They have a product list of quality in car entertainment from the following: Audison. Hertz. Edge. Ground Zero. Vibe. So you`ve [...] Read more

New Rules and Category for 2019

2019: New (((pd))) Categories and Rules / Changes Extra Stuff: Front Seats: Walled vehicles must have their wall build behind both front seats. The drivers seat must be in a practical / comfortable driving position. Both Front seats are to be aligned with each other so that the passenger seat mirrors the position of the drivers seat. NEW WALLED EXTREME Category: There are now systems starting to [...] Read more

Audio Boffins Sponsor PD

Thank you to Gavin Snart of AUDIO BOFFINS. Our 3rd sponsor on the list is Bassed in Peterborough. Audio Boffins have a passion for car audio - from SQ to BIG BASS and anything in between. Supplying and installing quality Audio equipment to suit all requirements and budgets. Check them out: They have a Face Book Page: And off course their website: [...] Read more

Sponsor #2 - CAM

A nice booming Thank You to our 2nd Sponsor on the list. Jodie Thompson and Mark of Car Audio Motions Ltd. Bassed in Romney in Kent. They are ELITE Retailers for Phoenix Gold. This means you get a 2 Year warranty on all equipment purchases. Get them to carry out the installation for you, and another year is also added on to the warranty. Giving you a very nice 3 year warranty. :-) They have a [...] Read more

2019 Sponsor #1

Well it`s nearly the end of January and our sponsors are confirming their support for the (((pd))) format. Over the next few days we`ll be announcing each confirmed sponsor of UK (((pd))) 2019. So here we go. First up and no stranger to the pd SPL format. Many thanks to: Wayne Higley and the team of Hz Audio UK / Sundown Audio. A sponsor with one of the greatest track records for consistently [...] Read more

New World Record back in GB!

Not content with one world record over the weekend. Mustahsan Qamar who`s competition run was in Walled+ entered the lanes and boomed out new World Record of: 161.16dB average! 40Hz=161.14dB 33Hz=162.54dB 25Hz=160.41dB 20Hz=159.18dB WOW!

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