2019 Sponsor #1

Well it`s nearly the end of January and our sponsors are confirming their support for the (((pd))) format.

Over the next few days we`ll be announcing each confirmed sponsor of UK (((pd))) 2019.

So here we go.

First up and no stranger to the pd SPL format.

Many thanks to:
Wayne Higley and the team of Hz Audio UK / Sundown Audio.

A sponsor with one of the greatest track records for consistently having their products in many of the LOUDEST vehicles that go through our SPL lanes.

And this year they have an even greater range of products to choose from.

For the latest from Sundown Audio. Please check out their Facebook page.


Once again. Many thanks for your support.

We can`t wait to see what new sundown systems are going 
to be showing up in the SPL lanes. :-)

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