New Extreme Category WR!

I like Godzilla - a Gargantuan Monster who destroys all. Can`t wait to see the new film, later on this year.


So at the modded nats, we are testing Darrol Ellis Edge sound system.

6x 15" Edge subwoofers
6x Edge 10k amps!!

That`s a possible 60krms of power if running at 1ohm.

The system is also in the brand new "EXTREME" class of (((pd))) competition.

And just like the movie monster Godzilla destroys all, he proceeds to annihilate the rest of the worlds (((pd))) sound systems.

Being the first in the world to hit the awesome score of over 160dB @ 20Hz!

To be exact he hit 160.21dB @ 20Hz!

The scores he achieved are shown below.

Total Average= 161.81dB
Peak= 162.91dB @ 33Hz
40Hz= 160.77dB
33Hz= 162.91dB
25Hz= 162.25dB
20Hz= 160.21dB

Well done! Darrol - a Trophy is being especially made up for your achievement of being 1st ever to hit 160dB @ 20Hz

Thank you for creating such as monsterous sound system.

Be interesting to see what happens next...


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