2019 Sponsor #1

Well it`s nearly the end of January and our sponsors are confirming their support for the (((pd))) format. Over the next few days we`ll be announcing each confirmed sponsor of UK (((pd))) 2019. So here we go. First up and no stranger to the pd SPL format. Many thanks to: Wayne Higley and the team of Hz Audio UK / Sundown Audio. A sponsor with one of the greatest track records for consistently [...] Read more

New World Record back in GB!

Not content with one world record over the weekend. Mustahsan Qamar who`s competition run was in Walled+ entered the lanes and boomed out new World Record of: 161.16dB average! 40Hz=161.14dB 33Hz=162.54dB 25Hz=160.41dB 20Hz=159.18dB WOW!

Well Done to Mustahsan Qamar

Well Done to Mustahsan Qamar

Well Done to Mustahsan Qamar who at the Netherlands Season Opener. Using 4x Sundown Audio 15" NSV3 Subwoofers 2x Digital Designs Z2b Amps 12x 16v XS Power Batteries Came First in WALLED+ and also is now 3rd LOUDEST ever (((pd))) system in the WORLD!! Well Done Mushy :)

Slappa da Bass Mon

DertyBeatzFromDaStreetz Dec 2014 Slappa da Bass Mon Slap da bass right up mon. Slap da bass down low now. Bump ya sweet ting a little closa. I just wanna get to know ya. Gettin' all blem on ya vibes. You gettin' knocked down by mine. Bend down, turn 'round, back it up right. Wanna puff what I'm puffin' all night. Me nose burns with wit smoke. Me body's empty, waiting for ya touch. The bass is [...] Read more

2016 Christmas Special!

2016 Christmas Special!

Saturday 17th December. 5pm onwards. If you want to have a last chance to get a louder official (((pd))) score before the new season... ...or to simply find out how loud your system is... ...then bring your sound systems down to the King Of The Ring Christmas Sound off. Everybody is welcome enter the competition and to just turn up and boom with other crazy bassheads in the UK`s largest regular [...] Read more


Did you know that there is a small Car Audio Company in Kent, that punches well above it`s weight. That company is Car Audio Motions, located in Romney Rd, Lydd TN29 9LS I had the pleasure of visiting them yesterday, as I had to pick up a few subs from them. The business is run by two people, Jodie and Mark, who are both equally addicted car audio. Not only do they love Bass, they are also into [...] Read more

Calling all Boomers and Bass Heads.

This is the first of the dB drag / (((pd))) Joint events being held this year. It`s a Massive Bass Fest with two of the U.K`s BEST SPL FORMATS! Side by side, doing their thing. If you`ve never been to a sound off and want to give it a go then this is a great opportunity for you to get in there and make some noise. There`s loads to see at the show and if you are competing then there`s loads to do. [...] Read more

2016 Events List

UPDATED PAGE: http://propperdroppers.co.uk/index.php?id=events-1 Events List 5th March - King Of The Ring - Season Opener Arena Essex - RM19 1AE - 6pm - 10pm 2nd April - King Of The Ring - Round 2 Arena Essex - RM19 1AE - 6pm - 10pm 7th May - King Of The Ring - Round 3 Arena Essex - RM19 1AE - 6pm - 10pm 27th - 29th May - Modified Nationals Peterborough Arena 4th June - King Of The Ring - Round 4 [...] Read more

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