New Extreme Category Rules


These rules have been added to keep things fair, and to continue our spectator values.  Fair, but still fun, and still being able to jam a couple of people inside brave enough for demos!


The Car must be driveable into and out of the lanes.  


  1. Any modifications of the seats themselves in which parts have been altered / cut down or removed or added too.
  2. Moved or re-fixed the seats or runners in such a way as to allow more or less movement than the original factory fitted equipment had originally provided.
  3. Removed seats or the fitment of solid seats etc.


  • Windscreens can have a center brace up to 4 inches wide
  • Windscreen must not be covered more than 3 inches from the edges for strengthening.
  • Windscreen and side windows can be perspex but must be transparent.
  • Door window frames can be covered up to 3 inches into the window area for strengthening of the window frame.  This includes the inner doorway opening.

Internal build

  • Sub enclosure cannot be more that 5 inches in front of the B piller AND must not affect a drivers normal driving position..
  • Doors with speaker builds must not be thicker that 10 inches past the original doors steel.
  • Flat door builds must be no more than 5 inches past the original doors steel.
  • Dashboards can be rebuilt, but must be roughly similar in size to the original and must not be an obvious attempt to reduce cabin area.

Center console

  • Center consoles cannot be higher than the center point between the built floor and the roof, and no longer than half the length of the gap between the dash and the enclosure. 
  • They can stretch the whole length up to 10 inches from the built floor (see the blue area below).
  • Center consoles rebuilds  cannot be more than 12 inches in width, from the dashboard and back.


  • The floor in front of both seats (or where the front seats were!) must not be more than 5 inches thicker than the original floor level
  • Footwells can be boarded off but must not extend from the dashboard.




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