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WHAT'S THE LOW DOWN on (((pd)))?

(((pd))) propper droppers is the WORLDS 1st and ORIGINAL, MULTIPLE FREQUENCY SPL testing format for finding out just how LOUD your car audio sound systems can truly play Ultra Low Frequency BASS.


By Ultra Low, we mean those thunderously low bass frequencies that will shake and vibrate the very ground that you are standing on, the surrounding air that you are breathing in.

Frequencies that are so low and played so loud, that you can hear and feel the effects from vehicles that are streets away.… well before you even see the source of the air shifting, ground pounding, street bassing sound machine.

WHAT IS THIS (((pd))) propper droppers SPL TESTING ALL ABOUT?

It all started here in the U.K. and we have been having a crazy time, testing car audio systems for nine years now.  Our SPL Testing frequencies start at 40Hz and drop to 20Hz.

With a standardised set range of
40Hz – 33Hz – 25Hz – 20Hz – Peak

Your Peak score in the main (((pd))) SPL League is taken as your highest out of the four set frequencies that you have been tested in.

The scores that you achieve are averaged out and it`s your average score that determines your place on our leaderboards.

All the scores are taken from the head rest, which is also placed at a standardised distance from the front windscreen to roughly represent the listeners head position when seated in the car.


Is (((pd))) in any other countries then?

(((pd))) is fast becoming a very popular Bass Testing SPL format, with it now running in quite a few countries around the world.

- England - Poland - Netherlands - Germany - Romania - Italy - South Africa - New Zealand - Australia

Who can take part in the competitions?

  • Anyone with a car audio sound system that can play bass is welcome to take part and give (((pd))) a go.
  • At pd we do not mind if your system uses cheap or expensive equipment.
  • We do not mind if your system isn`t finished yet.
  • We do not mind if your system is super cool looking or down `n` dirty ghetto style.

If your system can play bass then it`s welcome in the pd lanes.

Thank You for your interest in (((pd))) propper droppers.

For more detailed information please view the other sections of this site or check out our UK page on Facebook.

propperdroppers history (2006 to date)

Have a read up on the progression of the competition thought the years on our .com site here!

(((pd))) History

Say Hi to The Car Audio Guy!

He`s out and about, capturing the U.K`s loudest car audio systems doing their stuff.

The Car Audio Guy will probably be at some (((pd))) events this year, so make sure your system is up to scratch as your sound system may well be featured in one of his videos! 

Don`t forget to check him out on Facebook and his YouTube channel at the links below.

Good News for all UK Bassheads.

The UK has 3x other fun SPL formats that we can show off our systems performance with.
So if you want even more bass fun then keep a look out for any of the following SPL organisations.

For more information you can click on the images below which will take you to their facebook pages.