Calling all Boomers and Bass Heads.

This is the first of the dB drag / (((pd))) Joint events being held this year.

It`s a Massive Bass Fest with two of the U.K`s BEST SPL FORMATS!  Side by side, doing their thing.

If you`ve never been to a sound off and want to give it a go then this is a great opportunity for you to get in there and make some noise.  There`s loads to see at the show and if you are competing then there`s loads to do.
For the price of your tickets, you get to compete in both dB drag SPL / Top Dog Bass Racing / (((pd))) SPL testing and any extra stuff that might be happening on the SPL days.

All tickets are to be purchased through Darren Millard of UK dB drag. Or check out the Facebook event page.

Don`t be shy - come along and enjoy and experience the crazy bass playing vehicles at one of the largest and most Loudest Sound offs the UK has to offer.

See you there.


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