Did you know that there is a small Car Audio Company in Kent, that punches well above it`s weight. That company is Car Audio Motions, located in Romney Rd, Lydd TN29 9LS I had the pleasure of visiting them yesterday, as I had to pick up a few subs from them. The business is run by two people, Jodie and Mark, who are both equally addicted car audio. Not only do they love Bass, they are also into the SQ side of things. Both Jodie and Mark have been fortunate enough to have grown up with shed loads of experience and skills gained from working in the building trade. If you want a house built, they can do that! If you want a traditional constructed wooden triple bay double Garage to safely and securely store your Ferraris and Bentleys, they can do that. If you want a crooked wendy house, that can also be done lol, as they built one in their garden, much to the delight of their kids. Anyway. I`m waffling on again- back to what they love doing. They have applied their skills to car audio installations as well and... If you want a car audio install, they can do that to! From the simplest and reserved of installs to full on jaw dropping, looking stuff, they can do it. Oh yes, I mentioned that they punch well above their weight, by that I am referring to the massive array of different products that they supply and fit. I have never seen such a small set up, supply such a vast range of products. From budget gear to really superb high end audio goodies, these guys can find something to suit your requirements. Go on, have a look, check out their website and have a gander at some of the products they deal with. And why was I there yesterday? I couldn`t afford to get the subs I was originally after, so on Black Friday I put in my order for 4x Ground Zero subs. More on that in another post. Many thanks to Jodie and Mark for letting me loose in their premises and for the coffees, doughnuts, and festive treats lol. Also a hello to Dave White, who was also there. Your system should be very loud with what you`ve done, and you`ve still loads more to do, cool :) And, sorry I didn`t introduce myself, was too caught up taking pics of your install. The geeza with the Fabulous Focus Pioneer Install. Top end is super loud! I was covering my ears at one point. Looks really great too, nice one :)

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