Finland Killing Hertz

Finland Killing Hertz

Oooh! I should be keeping an eye on things more.

Finland have embraced the absurdly low Killer Hertz - 10Hz SPL tests.

And just as they are doing really well in (((pd))), they are getting very impressive scores at this particular frequency too.

Well done to:


Niko Suomalainen - VW Golf - 2x 12"s - BB4 - 137.6dB!

Joni Jukarainen - Oooh The loudest in the world! 156.9dB!!!

Miikka Vuorio in BB1 scoring 134.8dB!


All these Finland guys have got the loudest 10Hz scores in the respective (((pd))) categories.

You can check out their other members scores in the link below.


Looks Like we`ll have to set up a 10Hz - Global Leaderboard.


Thanks Guys - Keep on getting louder :-)

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