New Rules and Category for 2019

2019: New (((pd))) Categories and Rules / Changes

Extra Stuff:

Front Seats:

  1. Walled vehicles must have their wall build behind both front seats.
  2. The drivers seat must be in a practical / comfortable driving position.
  3. Both Front seats are to be aligned with each other so that the passenger seat mirrors the position of the drivers seat.


There are now systems starting to appear which are really pushing the boundaries of normal street class systems.

Apart from the usual sound deadening and a couple of layers of MDF for the Roof and some crazy multiple driver door builds. 
A standard Walled and WALLED + vehicle will have had no extreme modifications to the cabin area or floor pan or seats or dashboard or windows.

WALLED EXTREME is for any walled system regardless of power that has:

  1. Any modifications of the seats themselves in which parts have been altered / cut down or removed or added too.
  2. Moving and re-fixing the seats or runners in such a way as to allow more or less movement than the original factory fitted equipment had originally provided.
  3. The removal of seats or the fitment of solid seats etc.
  4. Dashboard mods where there is a deliberate attempt to reduce the volume of air or deflect the air into certain areas contained in the front cabin.
    1. For example the placing boards or even speaker builds that are underneath the glove box which block off the footwell area beneath the glove box and thus reduces the cabin volume.
  5. Full custom sealed up dash boards
  6. If any of the windows in the front cabin are non standard / factory.
  7. Any windows that are boarded off.
  8. Walled installations that are passed the 5" B-Pillar Limit



Vans with bass boxes in rear / or rear walled installs that are at the far back of the vehicle.
In the past (((pd))) has tried to accommodate small van systems.

Those people who had a van with lets say a speaker box in the back, where if it was a normal car, would be in the boot area. ...We would have tried to put their system into the nearest suitable boot class.

This has become increasingly harder and has now reached a point where it is impossible to clarify a set area or distance limit without cause of controversy amongst competitors and SPL Judges.

  1. Any Van with a system that looks like it would be in the boot area of a normal car will now be put into NO WALL Category.
    1. The same NO WALL rules applies to vans with systems that fall into this criteria.
  2. Any Van with any type of Walled build will be put into their respective Walled 6k / Walled+ or Walled Extreme Category





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