After a full year at Santa Pod, and with a new and necessary learning curve with our venue hosts, please see below the new competition rules & regs for 2023. 

  1. All contestants must fill in the pre-registration google form that will be shared on our facebook page and group in good time before each event.  This is for us to get a rough idea on the volume of cars that will be attending
  2. When at the event, if you are going to enter the competition you must register on the tablet no later than 11am on either day.
  3. If you have any issues, please approach or contact us, the PD staff, and we will endeavour to help you. 
  4. Please only make noise only when the track is running.  This is usually between 10am and approximately 6pm.  Also, please point the direction of sound away from the other attendees, crowds or stages.  Our systems have evolved to the point where the sound travels very far and we have to respect the other groups we share the events with.
  5. Please respect the local residents when coming to or leaving the venue. Please keep your speed down, no excessively loud music and don't litter..  
  6. Negative comments about the venue posted on social media will be deleted and the user banned.  This reflects badly on us as a whole group and risks our relationship with them. 
  7. On RWYB days it is possible that the event will be closed early if the track is waterlogged.  This is a rule of the organisers and we have to adhere to it.  It is possible to get a partial refund as credit through them on their website.
  8. The PD paddock is for bass cars only.  We have limited space so we cannot treat it like a car park.  Also, please keep inside the confines of our paddock.  Do not move your car into other reserved areas.
  9. It is not acceptable to show aggression or abuse to ANY of the staff on site.  Anyone found guilty of this will be permanently banned from PD and Santapod as a whole.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in you being asked to leave the event, and / or being banned from any future events.  
For Santa Pod T&C’s, please visit